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Bread & Butter Slims 16oz
Bread & Butter Slims 16oz

Bread & Butter Slims 16oz

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Bread & Butter Slims

Everyone will love having this Slim around, sweet, smooth, and tasty! Grandmaw’s best! If you have not ever had bread n butter pickles you have no idea what you are missing. Just a great alternative from your regular salty dill to a sweet gourmet delight!

Bread & Butter Slims Uses

Bread and butter pickles can be eaten just like any other pickle. Great on burgers, sandwiches, or alongside your classic BBQ fare, these sweet accompaniment can even be fried. The tangy and sweet spices can even be used to pickle simply onions or bell peppers.

Bread & Butter Slims Ingredients

  • Cucumbers, sugar, distilled vinegar, onion, salt, mustard seed, celery seed, black pepper corn and turmeric.