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Testimonials From Google

This place literally had everything! Gas, clean restrooms, all kinds of trinkets, good smelling candles and waxes and every kind of snack you can imagine! The restaurant had a real working fireplace! I will definitely stop here again.

Janece Francis

This place is amazing!
The food was great.
The restrooms were clean and huge!
The people were so very nice and friendly. Paved lot for truck parking.
And they had a driver's lounge. For sure gonna stop by again and again!

Wanda Kelley

The Best BBQ I've had on Texas. A MUST stop when on I-20. Ms Patty, Ms Caitlyn, Ms Stacey were a joy to encounter tonight. Full of spirit, energy and welcoming attitude. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place in Tyler, Tx.

Robert Bell

Free samples of some really good beef jerky. Recommended by a gas station clerk miles down the road when I was buying slim Jim's. So glad I took her advice. Try the Bison jerky. Wasn't prepared to spend 30 bucks on jerky but you get huge pieces and it lasts a long time.

Jacob Callahan

Great food. Gotta stop in here. They have huge selection of cakes, candies, and of course BBQ. The store is great, plenty of house or man cave decor. Clean restrooms. I mean what more can I say. You have to stop in here!!

Jonathan DEESE

Absolutely LOVE this place. Friendly staff and great food!

Rainalda Ebarb

One of the cleanest restrooms in the state. There jerky is the real reason to stop there. Large selection of jerky that is reasonably priced. They also offer exotic meats as jerky.

Ben Genka

Restrooms are the best!! Clean and smell great! Nothing beats it for a tired traveler. The people are polite and welcoming. Jerky is great!! A little on the pricey side.. But ya get what ya pay for ;)

Natalie Harvey

Texas Best Smokehouse III

16243 US Hwy 271N Tyler, Texas. 75708

Open 24 Hours

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