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Original Beef Jerky

Original Beef Jerky

41 reviews

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Original Beef Jerky

Our Original Beef Jerky is sought by many people to be the very best! The Original Beef Jerky is seasoned slightly with a very fine amount of Salt N Pepper to give you just the right amount of flavor in an Original Beef Jerky selection. You can't go wrong if all you are trying to find is something simple but delivers the satisfaction you are trying to find in our Original Beef Jerky flavor. Be sure to add this to your cart if you feel that all you need is a little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper in your Beef Jerky.

Original Beef Jerky Sizes

We have 3 varieties this Beef Jerky is made available:

  1. 4oz Packaging Beef Jerky
  2. 8oz Packaging Beef Jerky
  3. 1lb Packaging Beef Jerky

Our Beef Jerky is made with the finest quality of Texas Beef, and every batch is sampled and tested to insure the same consistency and quality in each and every single bag of jerky.

Be Sure to add this to your cart, because the Original Beef Jerky is a staple in one of the many flavors we carry!

What is Beef Jerky?

Jerky is lean meat that has been trimmed of fat, cut into strips, and then dried to prevent spoilage. Normally, this drying includes the addition of salt, to prevent bacteria from developing on the meat before sufficient moisture has been removed. The word "jerky" is derived from the Quechua word ch'arki which means "dried, salted meat".[1][2][3] All that is needed to produce basic "jerky" is a low-temperature drying method, and salt to inhibit bacterial growth.

Modern manufactured jerky is normally marinated in a seasoned spice rub or liquid, and dried, dehydrated or smoked with low heat (usually under 70 °C/160 °F). Some product manufacturers finely grind meat, mix in seasonings, and press the meat-paste into flat shapes prior to drying.

The resulting jerky from the above methods would be a salty and/or savory snack. However, sometimes a sweet or semi-sweet recipe is used, with sugar being a major ingredient in that variation. Jerky is ready-to-eat and needs no additional preparation. It can be stored for months without refrigeration. When the protein to moisture content ratio is correct, the resulting meat is cured, or preserved.[4]





Source: Wiki

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Richard O.
United States United States
Amazing Beef Jerky!!!

The product was amazing just like always I'm so happy I found the Texas Best Brand.

Lana H.
United States United States
Beef jerky

Your beef jerky is awesome! It’s my favorite!! It has so much flavor!!

mike t.
United States United States
Darn good jerky

Love this jerky! Can’t wait for the venison jerky to be back in stock!

Allen H.
United States United States

I am in Georgia and I purchased for a old high school mate in California so no taste for me but she raved over it. Said it was all hers and no one else gets any...ha! Appears she liked it! Oh, we were both raised in central Texas so bbq entered our conversation one day!

Keith H.
United States United States
Love the Jerky, but Hate the delivery

By far the best jerky! I have ordered a few times on line to be shipped to me. It is summer time and very hot in the south where I live. Everytime I order on line the product is sent USPS which takes WAY too long to get to me. Over a week in transport, typically in HOT trucks. The product is physically warm when I open the package. The exposure to this heat has an effect on the product.